The Farmington Community Chest is a Nonprofit organization founded in 1931 for the benefit of the Farmington community. All of our officers volunteer their time in order to ensure that this great organization is continued in a manner consistent with its central goal of improving the health, educational opportunities, and community life of all residents of the Farmington community. The Community Chest achieves this goal by facilitating opportunities for individuals to volunteer in the Farmington Community, such as on Farmington Cares Day, and by investing donated funds into projects that help improve the wellbeing of all residents.

What We Do

The main task of the Farmington Community Chest is to ensure that valuable projects around the community are given the funds they need and deserve. These projects include scholarships, camperships, the Farmington Fuel Bank, assisting senior citizens, and many more. We are only able to supply this funding through generous donations from organizations like the Hartford Foundation, and through individual donations from members of the community. If you approve of the work we are doing to better the Farmington Community, please consider donating to the Farmington Community Chest, or attending our annual wine tasting fundraiser in November.


Amy Palumbo


Board Members

Mary Badon, Ken Brickner, Nadine Canto, Joe Capodiferro

Denise Gordon, Lea Marcello, Cathie Martin, Cynthea Motschmann,

Leslie Muszynski, David Olivo, John Reaves, Jr., Mike Scheidel, Marcie Shepard




P.O. Box 60, Farmington CT 06034-0060

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