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Saving Lives - One Grant at a Time

Denise Gordon

It seems like a stretch to say that the efforts of a small non-profit like the Farmington Community Chest can potentially save lives. But FCC’s grant to the Farmington Fire Department to purchase thermal imaging cameras proves that FCC’s capacity to potentially save lives is no exaggeration.

The new thermal imaging cameras mean that town firefighters now have the latest technology to find fire victims, identify a fire’s hotspots/spread, and target firefighting efforts and resources quickly and effectively.


“The thermal cameras are life-saving,” says Russ Nelson, Fire Chief of the East Farms Station. Because the thermal imaging cameras measure heat, they can find people in a completely dark room. Nelson calls the cameras an innovation that the department couldn’t secure through the town’s budget process. But, he says, now he and his firefighting colleagues can “thrive” with the new technology provided by the thermal imaging cameras.


On April 8, 2019, FCC President Amy Palumbo presented the $13,300.00 check that funds cameras for each of the town stations. “We know these cameras are indispensable. They should give town residents a new sense of security in the event of a fire. We also hope town residents, businesses, and others will see the FCC grant for this technology as an impetus to add FCC to their list of charitable giving.”


Fire officials agree. “This gift from FCC should be resonating with town residents. It’s outstanding that their firefighters now have it. And it’s outstanding that the Farmington Community Chest is here to support all of us,” says Chief Nelson.

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